Natella Krasnikova

   On these pages you learn(find out) about me, about my enthusiasmes, and, certainly, about my family children's house, in which my 20 children live. Many years ago I with my husband Виктором Красниковым have decided(solved) to devote themselves to education of children, in that time we had 2 children, daughter Lena and son Dima. But gradually in our house began to occur "nichejnye" children, which became for us expensive(dear) and favourite, them became ever more and more. 
My husband, Viktor Krasnikov was earlier military pilot, it(he) has considered my dream to have many children with understanding and always in all supported me, and then when we had few more children, and then, when them became 20..
In our house the grown-ups always care about younger: by all "collective farm" plane on a bucket of salad, under my management(manual) пекут different vkusnosti, so the husbands of my girls will be lucky(carry). And from the grooms, by the way, отбоя is not present. And not only grigoriopol'skih. Only recently at Любы the daughter, and now I already six-multiple grandmother, and on the approach and other weddings was born.
Our family named family detdomom Krasnikovyh, it was first of establishments of such type in our republic, to us in Grigoriopol' came by the whole delegations, including from republics of former Union. 
Came, came, conversed, admired - certainly, is very sincere. But as sincerely many shrugged(shook) shoulders - and what for by him(it), Krasnikovym, all this is necessary? But today, when I with the husband have lifted on legs so much children, and they became the adults - anybody of such questions does not set.
Unfortunately my family has comprehended(overtaken) to the large mountain: my husband Viktor Krasnikov, chapter of family has left life. Also there was I one with with twenty children. Certainly, with a leaving(care) from life of my husband much has changed in our house, but there was main, his(its) hidden presence and children, brought up on his(its) love. We frequently recollect it(him), carefully we store(keep) in memory all expensive(dear) and sincere, that it(he) has made for all of us. At Viktora there were many plans connected to family, with creation of different convenience for children. His(its) some plans till now are put into practice. For example, Дима, the senior son with younger мальчишками has completed in a court yard on папиным to the drawings remarkable besedku, utopayuschuyu in the summer in colours. "The Reception commission" has put by him(it) for it a maximum number. But the main praise sounded so: "the Daddy беседка would like". 
In October of the last year I with children in complete structure by the invitation of the Russian children's fund have visited in Moscow, where the award "Mercy" and solid money premium was handed to me. 
... And recently I took part in television meeting with the president of our republic. The seconds, removed(allocated) to me, of television time I used to lift before the chief of the country the important questions of education of children. 
Me with Viktorom nobody forced to bring up another's children, which became for us the most expensive(dear) essences responding us by the same kindness and любовью. I still live under one roof with my children, with me my daughters already with children and husbands live. Me consider(count) unique(sole) on all Moldovu as the woman, bringing up there are a lot of children. And now to this my love to children the enthusiasm for verses has increased. Children became the adults, help now in everything, and I now have free time, which I can devote to poetry.





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